Tuesday 26 May 2015

more sentimental objects...

Maria, Sira, Natàlia and Berta talked about their sentimental objects.

Maria showed us an ivory pendant. It is very important for her as it is a present from a friend of hers who moved to Chile.

Sira talked about her last year in Ecola Lys. Her photo album shows lots of special moments there.

Natàlia has a very special cuddly bear. It's meaningful to her because it was a present from her sister when Natàlia once fell ill.

Berta's sentimental object is a cuddly kitty. Her parents bought it for her in Paris.

A time capsule

A group of students have talked about their own time capsules. They have collected objects and/ or photos that tell people about their past and their future. Actually, it's been a great experience and a good way to know each other a lot better.

Oriol, Anna and Jana did great presentations. They gave a lot of importance to their families and chilhood memories.

Albert brought lots of objects, from a teddy bear, a dollar, pictures of his football idols, a family picture to his collection of medals.

Marina showed us a very special photograph of her class in the USA. They were only 11 students!

Anna is the artist of the group so she brought a camera that shows Claude Monet's masterpieces. She also took some pictures with her, a cuddly dog, a very special CD and a present Juliana A. gave her when she turned 9.

Marcel showed us so many things! He filled a box with pictures of his friends from Barcelona and Italy, a cup he won in a chess tournament with Laia, an Eiffel Tower, his first spoon, a letter he wrote to The Three Wise Men, an Italian book and a paper rose.

Laia loves going on excursions. She told us that once she cycled from Castellar de N'Hug to Calonge with her family and she had great fun. She also loved going to the zoo with her classmates in 4th primary. Then she explained that her favourite book is The Black Island, the seventh book of the Adventures of Tintin. Finally, she showed us her dancing shoes.

Nora told us lots of stories about her family. Why is her teddy bear called Lucas? What did her parents do to her dummy? When did she go to London? Now we know that on the 10/10/2010 it was her grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. How did they all celebrate it? Nora also likes skiing and she has got lots of medals.

Lia surprised us with her first dancing outfit. She started taking dancing lessons at the age of 3! Nowadays she takes part in a dancing team and she is very proud of it as they have already won two competitions. Dancing means energy, music, rhythm and good fun to her. Last but not least, she brought the books her godfather gave her when she was born, and yes, he knew she would love to read.

Mar took with her a cute frog and she explained why she has it. Then she showed us her grandfather's feather pen, which is very important to her. Also she took with her a cuddly dog she got when her family adopted a dog. Finally she showed us a pendrive with photos of her former school, Lys.

Sebastian was born in London and he came to Barcelona when he was two years old. He loves playing with his Rubik's Cube and travelling. In fact, he talked about his holiday in the USA with his grandfather and how much fun he has when he goes to Torroella de Montgrí.

Guillem showed us a New York cab his grandmother bought him when she went there. Then, he talked about Marsupilami, his cuddly toy, and finally we saw a poster of all his classmates of 6th primary.

Mar brought lots of pictures: one with her 6th primary classmates, one of her great-grandmother and a photo album she got when she turned 10. Also, she showed us her first communion jewels. Finally, she told us she had won a chess tournament in 2010. 

Álvaro loves watching films, RCD Espanyol and comics. He has got a very special box his father gave him when he was 6.

Itziar talked about her past, her teddy, a picture of a summer camp and a trip to London when she turned 10, her present, gymnastics, and her future. When she turns 18, she would love to go to New York. We all hope that your dream comes true!

Gemma told us how important her friends were, but also her family. Where was she on Christmas day when she was 10? Why was it so important to all her family? She also explained that her grandmother had a clothes shop and Gemma used to be one of her baby models. Finally, Gemma talked about her passion, ice skating.

Jan showed us many different objects, from a bullet to a cuddly wolf. He really likes adventure so where is he going to be in 10 years time?

Sasha introduced us his cuddly monkey, then a basketball medal, his favourite football team, FCB, of course, and his favourite PS5 game, FIFA 15. In the future he would love to travel to Dublin.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Sentimental objects are special and meaningful to the owner; they would probably never be thrown away.

Natàlia talked about her pointe shoes. The first and one of the best presentations.

Dídac has a very special bow. His godfather gave it to him at Easter five years ago.

Blanca brought her favourite pillow. She has had it since she was born.

Clàudia showed us her most sentimental photo album.

Júlia talked about a cuddly dog and her former school friends' caricatures.

Carlota surprised us with a souvenir from New York. Her parents bought it for her when she was six years old.

Marc showed us his lovely cuddly toy, a lion. It was a present from his uncle.

Pol explained us that a year ago he used to play football and he brought a poster of his football team.

Anna brought a teddy bear with no eyes! She received this present when she was a baby.