Tuesday 16 June 2015

See you in September!

Well, and this is the end of our presentations. We hope you liked them.

Last presentations in 1st A

Well, this morning has been a very intense one. I think we all got goose bumps with some of the presentations.

Bruno was born on the 27th September 2002. He has always been imaginative and at a very early age he used to take pictures with a Polaroid camera. His mother, who is from Costa Rica, used to read him bedtime stories by Enid Blyton. He also loves his Volkswagen van. Besides Bruno used to do taekwondo and he even won a medal. He also explained us that he started wearing glasses at age 10. Then, when he turned 11, he enjoyed 6th primary and he's got the signatures of all his classmates and a keyring that reminds him of their trip to Port Aventura. Finally, Bruno talked about his great-grandfather's coin and a CD to tell us how much he likes listening to music.

Dani talked about the teddy he got when he was 3 years old and how much he loved to swim in the sea with the help of a rubber ring. Then, he told us he had won 4 medals. Finally, he mentioned that he loves his 6th primary photo album as it reminds him of his former school, Peter Pan.

Andreu knows he is a very lucky boy so he took with him a very important photo album with pictures of his last days in Russia. It was very difficult for his mother to take Arnau to Barcelona, but she finally made it. 

Agnès introduced us Lord and Lady Rabbit. Why are they so meaningful? Well, it was her parents' present when she left to Montseny with her grandparents. As they were working, they decided it would be better for Agnès to be in the mountain. Do you want to know their names?

Maria used to do artistic ice skating and she was quite good at it. Her team won a gold medal when she was 10 years old.

Monday 15 June 2015

Do you want to see some of our presentations?

First of all, we would like to thank Max, Júlia, Laia and Albert for participating so that you can see their presentations.

Here they are:






Sunday 14 June 2015

Getting closer to the end

Max gave a very long and interesting speech. He talked about his childhood by showing us his teddy bear, a pair of scissors with the shape of a dog, a couple of wooden trains, his collections of stickers, Doraemons and cards, pictures of his paddling pool, cardboard crowns his teachers made for his birthdays, his three favourite books and a music box. Every single object had its little story, do you want to know any of them?

Clàudia brought pictures of her best friends, one with her 6th primary classmates and one of her family in the Camp Nou Experience. Finally, she showed us a very special bracelet.

Laura had plenty of things to say. She started by showing us her first teddy. Then, she explained her parents made a very special photo album for her 10th birthday. Also she passed round a necklace made by her cousin in Alacant. Laura didn't forget about her primary school bringing a poster of her former classmates. Finally, she explained she was a Girl Scout, that she writes a diary and that she loves reading.

Blanca's uncle offered her a cuddly dog, but she also has a small teddy where she used to keep all her teeth so that Tooth Fairy replaced them by small presents. Then, she showed us a picture of her, her sister and her cousin singing on their grandmother's 75th birthday. Finally, she talked about her best friend, a dry rose that reminds her of her cousin and a huge rubber her sister bought for her.

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The tooth fairy is a fantasy figure of early childhood. The folklore states that when children lose one of their baby teeth, they should place it underneath their pillow and the tooth fairy will visit while they sleep, replacing the lost tooth with a small payment.

Bruno talked about his early years by showing us some pictures and a teddy bear he got at age 3 after losing his first one.

Arnau explained he was born in New York and that he used to play with some plastic soldiers. Exactly! Like the ones in Toy Story. Then, he showed us his first PlayStation game and his Rubik's cube, two of his favourite games.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

7 more presentations

Mar has 2 cuddly dogs. Her parents bought these beautiful St Bernards when they all went to Switzerland 7 years ago.

Joan's time capsule was filled with many objects. First he showed us a photo of the day he was born. Then, he talked about all the sports competitions he had won. After, he told us he loves his pendants and bracelets he buys every summer in Costa Brava. He also talked about his favourite team, FCB.  Do you know where is Joan's father from? Do you know who was his Secret Santa two years ago? Finally, he told us he was happy to have the Reina Elisenda photo album as it reminds him of all his childhood.

Pol started his talk showing us a photo of the day he was born. Then he told us he likes travelling. Pol went to Bath, England, last summer and he's got a London bus that reminds him of this holiday. He also has a small Eiffel Tower, he really loved this city. He is also very proud of having won his first social race and Jocs Florals in 2011. To finish with, he talked about his first music book, he got it at age 4.

Àlex has a cuddly lion, he used to sleep with it when he was a child. He also brought us a Hot Wheels box, he loved playing with these cars. Àlex loves his family so he showed a picture of them all. Do you know what's his dog's name? We all know he is a basketball player and he's got a really good team, they are all friends and get on well with each other. Àlex also showed us his 6th primary photo album. Ask him, what does he want to do when he turns 18?

Mitch loves football, I guess you all already knew about it. So his presentation turned around football: with a FCB t-shirt signed by several players, a picture of his team when he went to Cesc Fàbregas Academy in 2012 and a trophy he won there. However, Mitch likes many other things such as listening to music.

Miguel went back to his early years showing us the book his mother used to read him, a picture from nursery school and many other pictures, an album of animals from the zoo (guess how often he went to the zoo), a puppet, a teddy, his first medal made of wood and a CD by Lax'n'Busto. Well, and to link his childhood to the present he talked about his Peter Pan photo album.

Jesús' time capsule was kind of fun. It was filled with toys like a teddy he got when he was born, a DVD about dinosaurs, a cuddly dinosaur, a rubber duck, his first console and game, a game controller and a cuddly vulture that reminds him of his family trips. As you can see his family is very important to him. His eldest brother, Javier, brought him a dollar note from the USA. Fernando is also very important to him. Finally, he talked about his grandmother and his dog. Well, and what does Jesús want to do in the future? Travel to New Zealand and study biology.

Arnau loves playing with his PS4, it helps him to forget about his problems. In addition, he likes playing with his friends on Friday afternoons.

Biel has a very special horse. He never met his grandad from Bellaterra. Therefore his grandma gave it to Biel before dying so that he remebered his grandad.

Sunday 7 June 2015

A very special afternoon

Nacho's Ferrari model is a present he got from his grandfather, a very special person for him. He likes it because it reminds him of his grandpa and of all the times he played with his brother and their cars.

Jordi's mum had to buy him Tristany, a teddy, to help him sleep on his own.

Anna showed us a very important photo for her taken when she was in nursery school. To her it means love and friendship.

Alejandro has a colorful teddy. It is a boy wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Alejandro's parents bought it when he was born and now he keeps it on a shelf.

Manel has got an adorable and soft teddy. His parents bought it when he was born.

When Sergi turned 3 his grandfather bought him a teddy which was as tall as him. It was too big for Sergi to sleep with him and too dangerous as well.

Martí talked about his old good times in Reina Elisenda School by showing us a photo album which was a surprise from all the 6th primary parents.

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Jan's teddy is called TED. Why is it special? Well, it is from New York and it is dressed as a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player, Jan's favourite team.

Gerard's grandfather gave him an Italian coin when he was 5. This coin is 109 years old and it's his lucky coin!

2nd June: sentimental objects

On the 24th February 2014 Sabina turned 12 and her parents bought her a book to motivate her as she didn't like to read. In fact, her parents managed to make her read. The book Sabina was offered is Pulsacions by Xavier Ruescas and Francesc Miralles.

Lluc's mother bought him a ball in 2003 when he was only one year old. He lost this ball at the age of three but, he found it again three years ago.

Last year Àlex travelled to Switzerland with his 6th primary classmates and teachers. It was a fantastic trip!

Pau loves his Lego collection. Everything started when he was 5 and he built a boat with the help of his dad. Then, he built a plane at age 7 and later on he built two spaceships.

A few years ago Laia's parents bought her a cuddly dog. Do you know why? It seems they found an abandoned dog and had it at home during the Christmas break. Laia called it Fosca. Sadly, one day Fosca left and she never came back so her parents bought her a cuddly dog.

Max's aunt couldn't have imagined how important her present would be: 3 cars! Max used to take them everywhere and if he lost one of them...

Stefi has a huge cuddly duck she once got at a fair in Sarrià.

Maria loves her Reina Elisenda photo album.

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Jan is very fond of his electric guitar. It was his best Christmas present in 2014.

Max got a very special present from his grandma the day he was born, a teddy bear.
He also loves a picture with his 6th primary classmates.

Roc has got a very special t-shirt designed by two of his friends and signed by all his classmates and teachers. The idea was to sell lots of t-shirts like this one in order to make money for the end-of-year school trip. They all went to Mallorca and it was great!

Mar's 1st birthay present was a sweet teddy.

Clara got two special presents in the end of 6th primary in Lourdes School. She got a t-shirt and a notebook full of information about all her classmates. We all know she's a great dancer and she showed us her pointe shoes and an album with photos of her ballet performances.

Ada loves her Lys photo album.